Ghana Dating Scam / Ghana & Nigerian Dating & Gold Scams

Ghana & Nigerian Dating / Gold Scam & Business Scam:

You reply to a posted mail on a dating website, or to mail direct into your e-mail. Some times claiming, that "He or She" has seen your profile on a dating website..

Some times, they are pretending to be "Mix Race"

or even White!. Some times they say, they are from your local area... but are currently taking care of some reasonably believable business in Ghana or West Africa, etc.

These scammers prey upon your trust, love, and decency...

There are young men and women in Ghana, who create false profiles on dating sites to defraud unsuspecting single men looking for love from overseas.

These young people apart from using semi-nude photographs of different ladies

          * Picture of "Porn Starlet" - "Prinzes Blueeyz" often used beside pictures of "Lana Brooke" "

to lure unsuspecting men, especially widowers and lonely men, also fake birth certificates, passports and visas to convince their victims that they are genuine.

Scammers can sign up to online dating agencies or chat rooms just like anyone else. Many online dating sites allow anyone to join for free, and they usually do not screen their members.

Some victims lost even US $100.000 on this kind of 419 scam or called in Ghana "Sakava" scammers.

If you feel, that your "Partner" in Ghana might be one of "Them", please contact us!  We`ll investigate for you and provide the real identity of your "loved" on.. Don`t be a VICTIM of SCAMMERS!

Some scammers pretending to be British/Canadian/Austalian or US citizens...

.."working" in Ghana/Nigeria/Ivory Coast... CECK!!!

Don`t expect a white or mix-race "girlfriend/boyfriend"!

Even if you are in contact with a black person... CHECK!!!

Don`t be naive! Save yourself, Time, Money !

NO Ghanaian girl will send you pornographic images, or even a nude pictures!

If you receive any kind of this images, this is the sign of 100% 419-SCAM!!!

There are also GAY & LESBIAN - dating scams! Be carefull!!!

100% SCAM is, when your "friend" in Ghana / Africa claims to

have GOLD ... !!! 100% Scam W A R N I N G !!!

Even, If Your `Friend` Is "Not" From Ghana.. Feel Free And Contact Us!

(we are also able to investigate for you even in UK and Germany)

Coverage includes high risk fraud zones such as Accra,

Sekondi-Takoradi and Kumasi.

In addition as well: Bolgatanga, Koforidua, Ho, Agona-Swedru, Obuasi, Tamale. We offer discrete and confidential services.

Our private investigator service are strictly confidential and client data is always protected. We conduct [Ghana] background checks

investigations for both organizations and individuals.

Through our services,

we enable clients to identify risks and make informed decisions. can save you valuable time and money,

and help protect you from business fraud and internet scams.

Need a dating background check
to verify an online romance?

Business contacts to Ghana?

Thinking about hiring someone from Ghana?

Searching for a missing person?

Please be aware, there might be a small investigation fee! Thank You!

  (All Requests Are Answered With *Free Advice!)

Ghana is rapidly booming a African leader for fraud and online scams.

The criminals here have quickly modeled their approach after scams in Nigeria.

Many criminals operating in Ghana are from Nigeria.

(more than 3.000.000 - 4.000.000 Nigerians living in now in Ghana!)

New system technology allows scam criminals

to hide their true location, masking their IP address,

phone numbers and mailing addresses.

Common Fraud:

Advance fee fraud, dating scams, dating fraud, inheritance scams,

online dating scams, business fraud, investment scams,

charity and non-profit fraud and employment fraud.


Ghana background check,by a our investigators to avoid fraud. / / / Investigations: All Ghana

Contact Us, for FREE ADVISE!

Have you fallen in love online?

Do you have any online girl/boyfriend?

*** Have you exchanged photos with them?

*** Do they look like real?

*** Did they send genuine looking documents?

*** Did they ask you for some money to come over to you?

*** Did they ask you for some money for a hospital-treatment?

Did you give them money?

If your answer to any two of these questions is

“Yes” then you might be dealing with an online scammer.

A common reason scammers give for, why they need your money include:

“I want to meet you but I don’t have enough money to travel to see you..”

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